Trawler order for Jobi Værft

Strandby shipyard Jobi Værft has signed a contract for a modern whitefish trawler outfitted with the latest technology for Skagen company Elin Aps which will also make the move to Hirtshals with its new vessel.

The 24 metre, 7.60 metre breadth Elin will also get a Hirtshals registration: HG-281. It will be 6.50 metres longer and 2 metres wider than the Tindskard family’s current trawler when it is delivered by Jobi Værft in June 2020.

The new Elin is to be built to a design by Fredrikshavn company ShipCon. The design is for a versatile trawler capable of fishing for langoustine and whitefish, but with the capacity to be rigged for an easy conversion to industrial fishing.

According to the yard’s Jesper Faurholdt, altering some of the fishroom bulkheads would make it possible to switch easily to industrial fishing if required. For working on langoustine and whitefish, Elin will have a 150 cubic metre chilled fishroom with capacity for 1000 boxes, as well as first-class catch-handling facilities.

Also high on the owners’ list of priorities are significantly better crew conditions compared to the old trawler, with the focus on comfort and safety.

WorldFishingToday - 19-02-2019

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