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Strand Senior delivered by Karstensens

Karstensens Skibsværft in Skagen has delivered a new 75 metre purser trawler for Norwegian owners.

Strand Senior has been built for a subsidiary of Ålesund fishing company Strand Rederi and is the latest in a long series of pelagic vessels from the Skagen yard, and is built to the yard’s own design with a watertight cargo deck which lifts the freeboard by three metres.

This latest newbuild, the yard’s newbuilding no. 445, measures 75 metres overall with a 15.30 metre beam and a depth to the shelterdeck of 9.20 metres.

The main engine is a 4880kWe Wärtsilä 8V31, driving a 4200mm diameter propeller via a two-speed gearbox, designed to provide fuel economy by allowing the propeller to be run at low speed when high speed or bollard pull are not required. There are also three 567kWe auxiliary engines on board.

W√§rtsil√§ also supplied the HP-Nozzle, shaft generator, and the W√§rtsil√§ ProTouch control system as part of an overall propulsion package. Strand Senior has heat recovery from all the engines on board, LED lighting throughout, as well as which the owners opted for a futureproofed winch system, with electric winches and an electric net hauler.

The new pelagic vessel’s dimensions are 75 metres LOA with a 15.30 metre beam, with a double 1150kW RSW plant and a double 4200 litre vacuum pump system.

Operating company Strand Havfiske is a family-owned company run by sisters Janne-Grethe Strand Aasnæs and Elisabeth Strand. The company also operates freezer trawler Havstrand.

Strand Senior’s christening takes place in Ålseund this Saturday, followed by an open ship for interested visitors.

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