HB Grandi freezer order goes to Armon

Astilleros Armon in Spain is the lucky winner as HB Grandi has announced that its new freezer trawler is to be built at the Gijon yard in northern Spain.

The company put the vessel’s construction out to tender some weeks ago. The Rolls-Royce designed factory freezer trawler is expected to be delivered in late 2019. It will have an overall length of 81 metres, a 17 metre beam and capacity for 1000 tonnes of frozen products on pallets in its refrigerated fishroom.

HB Grandi currently operates three freezer vessels, Therney, Örfirisey and Höfrungur III. It is as yet uncertain how many of the older vessels the newbuild will replace.

Astilleros Armon recently completed the delivery of the Ramoen for owners in Norway, also a Rolls-Royce design, demonstrating the yard’s capacity for building highly sophisticated fishing vessels. Armon also has a long track record of building marine research and offshore vessels to high specifications, as well as a 40-year record of fishing vessel construction.

WorldFishingToday - 03-05-2017

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