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New Stormhav from Stadyard

A new Seacon-designed netter/longliner has been ordered from the Stadyard shipyard at Raudeberg in western Norway for owners Stormhav AS, based at S√łroya in Finnmark. The new vessel is newbuilding no. 43 for the yard and the delivery date is October 2019.

The new Stormhav is to be built to a Seacon SC28 design, with a 27.99 metre overall length, a beam of 9.50 metres and a depth to the main deck of 4.60 metres. The new vessel will have 206 cubic metres of refrigerated/chilled fishroom space, capacity for 90 cubic metres of fuel and accommodation for a crew of up to 14.

According to Seacon’s managing director Rune-Stian Nybakk, a comprehensive pre-project study was carried out with the owners to develop the ideal design to suit their operational needs. The company’s strong focus on quality and catch processing was a key aspect of this and further emphasis was placed on safety and crew comfort.

‚ÄėThis is the Seacon design newbuilding number 20, and the sixth Seacon design to be build at Stadyard/Blaalid,‚Äô Rune-Stian Nybakk said.

‚ÄėFor several years Seacon has been working on developing new concepts for this type of vessel, and this one has many similarities to the larger coastal vessels that we have designed in the past. This contract is another confirmation that Seacon has established for itself a leading position in the market for fishing vessel design, and we appreciate that Stormhav AS has chosen us to design their new vessel.‚Äô

Stadyard is a combined new construction and repair facility in M√•l√ły in western Norway. Since acquiring the yard in 2012, Stadyard has seen its activity increase and will deliver five new vessels between now and the summer of 202. The company places emphasis on using local sub-contractors, this is certainly the case with the order for the new Stormhav which makes the order an important one for the members of the M√•l√ły Maritime Group cluster.

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