Fishermen demand extension of ban

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Indian fishermen of western coast demand the extension of fishing ban on mechanized trawlers.

Fishermen along the coast of Karnataka state have urged the state government to extend the monsoon fishing ban on mechanized trawlers from the existing 57 days to 90 days. They said that the extension is needed to boost the declining stocks of fish in the area. According to them the catch is declining due to excessive use of trawl nets while fishing during the breeding period of June-September. As per the report prepared by the Mangalore College of Fisheries, in association with Dakshina Foundation, Bangalore, and National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad, the ban should be extended so that the traditional fishermen could get more benefit. The report also points to a considerable decrease in the catch of pink perch, squid, silver fish, threadfin bream, cat fish, crab, seer and pomfret along the state's coasts. Even the stocks of prawns of have also been decreased. .Ramachandra Bhatta, Professor in fisheries economics, College of Fisheries, said that overexploitation of resources may the reason for the reduction in catch. "Since the period between June and September is peak fish breeding phase, it is advisable that the fishing ban be in place for 90 days during that time.Research scholar and member of a fisher community S Gunakara said generally, mechanized fishing goes on 10 km away from the coast, but many a time, it is not adhered to. He said that extension would be helpful because it will increase fish breeding and the catch, too, will be better. Coastal Karnataka Fishermen Action Committee general secretary Vasudeva Boloor said it is necessary to protect the interests of traditional fishermen.

Source: articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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