Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference 2013

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A bright future for Scotland’s inshore sector. Key note speech from Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead MSP

In January 2012, the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead MSP, announced a new Inshore Fisheries strategy focused on improving fisheries management and Marine Scotland’s engagement with inshore stakeholders. The strategy also set out his intention to host a Scottish Inshore Fisheries Conference that would bring industry together to discuss ways forward, as well as providing an opportunity to celebrate the efforts Scottish fishermen make to operate in responsible and sustainable manner, to provide some of the best seafood in the world. Commitment to continued development Through the conference Marine Scotland will highlight their commitment to continued development of a well-managed and sustainable inshore fishery, by engaging with all stakeholders to fulfil this goal. It will bring together the entire industry for the first time and provide an opportunity to share views and ideas, and discuss future management of this important fisheries sector for Scotland. We have a lot to celebrate Inshore fishermen operate around the entire Scottish coast and support fragile local communities, fishing methods are fuel efficient and discards are the lowest in the industry. The conference recognises the complex nature of the sector and looks to examine issues and challenges, exploring options to improve the sector, whilst also highlighting and celebrating the important positive aspects it holds for Scotland’s fishing industry. Celebrate world class seafood helping to make Scotland a land of food & drink! Have your say in the future of this important sector. Managing Locally At Marine Scotland we believe in local management and plan to revise the IFG network to improve representation for those who live and breathe the industry. In this session we want to consider how the new IFGs can begin to exercise effective management. The group will discuss the data required by IFGs and the options for collecting and processing it, to ensure effective information is available on which to base local management decisions. As an example we will look at the successful Shetland fisheries management model and discuss the extent to which this model, or elements of it, can be used in other Scottish regions. This session will also seek views and opinions from delegates on the role of accreditation systems in a well managed local fishery. Marine Planning A number of marine interests compete for space in our inshore waters. Over the coming years there will be increasing demands for more marine energy sites, aquaculture developments and other commercial and recreational projects in the waters used by our inshore fishing fleet. The Scottish Government is introducing Marine Planning Partnerships to manage these competing marine demands. This session will give delegates an opportunity to find out more about the Marine Planning system, how it might affect commercial fishing, and provide feedback to the partnerships. The group will also discuss the challenges and opportunities of managing inshore fisheries within a marine planning system and the relationship between area planning partnerships and the new IFGs. Management and Governance Measures Throughout our inshore waters, fishermen compete for ground to fish and this can lead to tensions and disagreements. This session will consider the measures at our disposal that can be implemented when difficulties arise, from gentlemen’s agreements and codes of conduct, to permitting schemes, licence conditions and specific legislation. Delegates will hear about innovative spatial management solutions devised by fishermen themselves in the English Channel and in our own inshore grounds around Burghead, and discussion will be encouraged about how similar techniques could be applied more widely throughout Scotland. Market Development: Opportunities for Growth Scotland’s inshore fishermen are renowned for the quality of their premium produce, which is in high demand throughout Europe and gaining in popularity around the world. This session will look at ways to develop and optimise marketing opportunities for inshore fishermen, including the creation of new markets and the expansion of existing ones, together with efforts that could be made to improve and fulfil local demand. The Future of Inshore Management - Getting it Right Marine Scotland aims to remain at the forefront of inshore fisheries management and this final discussion at the conference is an opportunity for delegates to help us achieve that goal. We will seek delegates’ views on the key elements of a well managed fishery and the key actions and measures needed to ensure inshore fisheries in Scotland remain sustainable and profitable. We also want to identify areas where positive behaviour should be recognised and rolled out, to reflect on the good practice of our inshore fishermen and the high quality of the catch, and to consider how we can make these attributes even stronger. Plan of conference 09:30 Arrival and registration 10:00 Conference opening speech Director Marine Scotland, Linda Rosborough 10:15 Keynote speech Cabinet Secretary, Richard Lochhead 10:35 Break out Session 1 (Breakout Groups 1 – 4, choice selected through registration) 11:35 Coffee break 12:05 Review of morning session, Q&A 12:50 Hear from one of Scotland’s leading chefs 13:00 Scottish seafood lunch 14:00 Break out session 2 (Breakout Groups 1 – 4, choice selected through registration) 14:45 The Future of Inshore Management- Getting it right (Remain in group session) 15:05 Review of afternoon session, Q&A & close Scottish Inshore Fisheries ConferenceFiskerForum.com


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