Strandby trawlers get a great catch of Halibut

Published by FiskerForum, 15-01-2013 · info@fiskerforum.dk

The four Danish trawlers from Strandby FN 234 Canopus, FN 462 Jeanne, FN 354 Kristine Holst and FN 436 Tove Kajgaard all made some exceptional trips last week.

They normally fish for Lobster and Witch and occasionally get one or two Halibuts in their tows. These trips they caught 20 - 25 big Halibuts in each tow!The total weight of the Halibuts was around 5300 kg and the Halibuts also had great sizes ranging up to 113 kg."I have never before seen so many and so big Halibuts and will probably never experience it again" says skipper Lars Kajgaard on m/v Tove Kajgaard FN 436The Halibuts were caught in Skagerrak approximately 20 nautical miles north of Skagen, and were sold at the fish auction in Strandby for a price ranging from 60 dkk/kg up to 80 dkk/kgThe boats have returned to the fishing grounds and are now fishing Lobster and the level of Halibut has returned to normal. So it looks as if this was only a one-time phenomenon.All four boats are double trawling and using Lobster and Witch combi-trawls from Strandby Net which is our daughter company in Denmark.Vònin - FiskerForum.com


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