Fishing and food companies aim to merge

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Two companies based in Brittany have announced plans to join forces. Guingamp-based food business Le Graët and Erquy fishing company Armement Porcher are expected to consolidate, bringing together the strengths of both companies in a single operation.

Ouest-France reports that the founding presidents of the two companies, Noël Le Graët and Jean Porcher, made the announcement this week.

Noël Le Graët was quoted as saying that Armement Porcher is the best of its kind in the west of France, and they have been discussing this move for some time.

‘This solution is the best way to consolidate our groups. A processor and a vessel owner unite. We need each other,’ he was quoted as saying and they have commented that they intend to maintain their business in the region and do not aim to be bought out at some point in the future by Chinese businessmen.

Jean Porcher commented that the Erquy auction remains an important element in the overall picture.

Le Graët employs 800 people and has three locations with seafood processing, canning and processing frozen food, as well as several subsidiaries.

Armement Porcher employs 250 people and operates seventeen trawlers.

Source: Ouest-France

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