RFC plans to boost Russian Pollock factory capacity

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Russian Pollock, a joint venture between the Russian Fishery Company (RFC) and DV Invest, and AMG Group have struck a deal for the development towards the construction of the Russian Pollock processing factory and for the design of the second phase of the factory.

The agreement was signed within the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum.

AMG Group will complete development of working documentation for construction by mid-October, with construction in the Far East scheduled to begin in October. This is the first stage of a fish processing factory with a capacity of more than 100 tonnes of finished products per day to be put into operation not later than in 2021.

Russian Pollock plans to increase the capacity of the factory by about 20% after 2021 and expand the product line by producing ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat products.

In the initial stage, the main products will be pollock fillet and mince. Development of the production of high-quality, affordable, fully-processed products from Russian fish for the Russian market, as well as exports to China and other Asian markets, is planned following commissioning of the second stage.

‘The new factory will be equipped with modern equipment that will ensure high quality products,’ said RFC’s CEO Fedor Kirsanov.

‘Construction of onshore factories is an important step for RFC in reaching the consumer. The new facilities will allow expansion of the company's opportunities for production of fully processed products, including ready-to-eat products.’

The Russian Pollock project is implemented as part of the state programme to support the construction of fishing vessels and fish processing enterprises with quotas for the (harvesting) of marine resources, provided to support investment. The total investment in construction will amount to 1.5 billion rubles. After commissioning the Russian Pollock factory, RFC will receive additional quotas for the harvesting of 14,500 tonnes of pollock and herring.

Source: RFC

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